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Greetings,I’m Jazzy. I am currently a professional hair stylist who first discovered my passion for hair at the age of eleven. And seventeen years ago, I made the decision to be the best hair stylist in the business. Back then being the best meant mastering all the aspect of properly caring and nurturing the hair. This led me to pursue a cosmetology degree at the Sarah J. Hale Institute in New York City. After my license, I was fortunate to be under the tutelage of hair expert George Bucknor at The Hair Fashion East. Under the guidance of Sir Bucknor, I learned to the importance of “healthy hair.” This valuable apprenticeship framed my approach to natural hair care.


My next apprenticeship was held at Sister Shirley in New York City. There I learned about using weaving techniques as protective styles. As a stylist, I want for all of my clients to have beautiful hair and to properly care for their natural hair. Therefore, I implement protective styling techniques to help my clients have gorgeous locks. Protective styling techniques are methods that protect the hair from heat damage, manipulation, and harsh chemicals. 


My journey as a hair stylist has enabled me to clearly define my TOP 5 recommendations: shampooing the hair bi-weekly, clarifying the scalp, use hydrating products, usage of minimal heat on the hair and understanding product ingredients. And I have my personal touch on how to successfully implement each of the recommendations afore mentioned. I love to promote natural hair care and growth to avoid hair loss and balding edges. Hence, why I am well known for Invisible Part Sew-In weaves, wigs, protective healthy hair care. And at Ju’Sha’s Salon, located in Virginia, you can expect to receive such detailed and nourishing attention to your hair.


At Ju’Sha’s Salon, the headquarters of my hair care product line, I have recently launched J’Shae Essential Oils that provides nourishment and shine to the hair. J’Shae Essential Oils is an infusion of 100% Argan oil and the purest natural oils for capillary health. And we have made sure to make J’Shae Essential Oils available worldwide by offering international shipping. At Ju’Sha’s Salon and online, I also teach instructional classes and seminars geared towards stylists.


On a lighter note, I also have two YouTube channels. My primary channel, JazzyJuJuBee82, has over 40,000 subscribers and more than 3 million views. There I have the opportunity to be a hair care educator to wide of audience comprised mostly of women with various hair needs. Allow me to recommend the following videos to you: The JazzyJuJuBee Glue Gun Method, Invisible Part Closure Wig, The Saran Wrap Method, The Full Sew In Wig, The JazzyJuJuBee Closure Band Method. My second channel JuJuSassofClass allows me to share my personal loves and interests with my viewers. I also teach DIY project, weight loss classes, and upload motivational videos.


For further assistance, more information or for more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you.

To you having the most beautiful hair in the world.


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Hair Goddess & Design on A Dime Diva

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